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A New Praxi Era

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new era at Praxi. New brand, new website, new logo, new blog!

But it’s not just our look that’s changed; we’ve embraced a new identity that we’re really proud of.

Here’s a deeper look into some of our changes.

Our look

We have a shiny new website on which we showcase things that we’re proud of such as: our offerings, our clients, our team and some of our work to-date. We’ve also introduced our new logo to the world. Like the colors on the website, we think our logo shows off our brand essence: bold, inspired, inquisitive, artful and thought provoking.

Our name

You may have noticed we’ve dropped the words “The” and “Group” from our logo. We’re just Praxi now. We think that shorter is better as we embody our bolder, more thought-provoking style.

Our identity

It is logical to think that clients are the foundation of any service industry and that is most definitely true for us. That is why our positioning is centered on you, our client. At Praxi, relationship is everything. For each client, we design a distinct custom research program that meets your unique needs. Every time.

With all of these changes now in place, you can expect to see it expand into the work that we present and the conversations that we have. We hope you’ll explore our new site and reach out to us with any comments or research needs.