Case Studies


Awareness Tracking Guides Marketing Efforts


A business services software company wanted to track brand awareness and perceptions for themselves and competitors over the course of a year. As a lesser known brand, they were wanting to benchmark and track movement in awareness perceptions in relation to new marketing efforts introduced continuously as the year progressed.


We employed a quantitative tracking survey to track respondents level of awareness, usage and perceptions of the brand and its software products.


The competitive landscape for this brand is filled with top-of-mind brands, so the landscape is extremely competitive. Even so, our client had fairly strong levels of awareness and usage. However, respondents were mostly unaware of the unique aspects of their product offerings that added value above and beyond competitors.

Insights & Action

Our client’s competitors seem to rely on their existing brand awareness and therefore do not do a lot of messaging for their products in this category. As a smaller brand, an opportunity exists for our clients to take advantage of the buzz opportunity that they could create around a truly NEW category and their own brand. We recommended that our client create a messaging strategy to increase buzz and to build knowledge around those product offerings that create differentiation.