Case Studies


CPG Purchase Behaviors in Home and Hardware Retailers


A major CPG client wanted to understand purchase patterns among key demographics for a cleaning product in a major Home and Hardware retailer.


In order to address the research objectives, an online quantitative survey was conducted among the following shopper segments who shop at the Home and Hardware retailer: Gen Pop, Do It Yourself population, and General Contractors.


The results from the survey indicated that the three different shopper segments typically use different kinds of cleaning products as well as the tasks they use each for. Across segments, the concerns about and precautions taken when using cleaning products were similar. Home and Hardware was found to be the second retailer channel of choice when shopping for the target product, which was also found to be purchased in combination along with other cleaning products.

Insights and Action

Through the results Praxi was able to provide unique points of view regarding purchase and usage habits for each of the three shopper segments. We recommended specific targeting and product placement in the retailer based on these points of view to optimize the shopping experience for the shopper segments. We were also able to provide points of view based on specific product types.