Case Studies


Partnership Two Year Awareness Study


An international media company joined a well-known children’s CPG company in a fully-integrated alliance whereby the CPG brand is an exclusive sponsor of the media company’s website. As a means of assessing the overall value and success of this partnership, Praxi assisted the media company with an initial wave of primary research in 2012 and a second wave two years later.


Visitors to the website were intercepted and offered the opportunity to participate in an online survey. All respondents (moms) were female and broken into five segments based on the age of their child and / or their stage in pregnancy.


Findings showed that the media company had a greater impact on respondents trust in the CPG company than the CPG company had on the media company. Experienced moms had the greatest affiliation with both brands. All respondents showed an increase in favorable impressions for the CPG company as a result of the collaboration.

Insights and Action

The media company holds a strong, loyal following that provides a positive impact on the brands of its partners. The results of this research were used in sales presentations and as evidence to the CPG company to continue the partnership. Praxi instructed the media company to utilize the stories of experienced moms to influence new mothers and increase favorable awareness.