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Over the past year, we've worked hard to produce a process and an output that really takes ethnographic research to a new level.   Praxi Discovery Reel videos are built on a ground-breaking process that is completely unique to the industry.  Our process includes:
  • A customized, three-phase recruitment process
  • High definition video recording, with multiple cameras and professional lighting
  • Professional editing built around a targeted story line

As you can see in the example video (link below), the potential applications of our Discovery Reel™ videos are very widespread, both inside and outside of traditional research.  Some ideas include:  
  • In-Depth Consumer Insights
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Employee Training
  • Partner / Vendor Education and Relationships
Posted 02.16.2015

Discovery Reel™ Demo

Posted by Mike Hesser

Below is a sample production of our Discovery Reel™ videos. To learn more about how Discovery Reel™ can work for you please contact us.