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Written by Mike Hesser I’ve spent my career in primary research, mainly in vendor-side roles but also in client-side and ad agency positions.  Even with a custom shop, however, our business requires that we continuously seek out and evaluate partners of our own.  So in the end, if you’re involved in primary research, you’re likely Read More

At Praxi, we are often involved in product innovation and new product development processes, so we have opinions on the right time to bring in market research to help guide the process. Our white paper, describes in detail where companies should consider bringing in market research and best practices around asking the right questions. Take Read More

Choosing the right methodology for your research needs can be challenging. Praxi took it upon ourselves to put together a quick cheat sheet in the form of an infographic to point out differences, strengths and weaknesses between qualitative and quantitative methods. Ultimately, the right choice lies in the the customization of the research to meet Read More

Most insights professionals dread that phone call, that inevitably comes from upper management asking, “hey, can you pull this number for me?” What we really want is for them to get it. When I was on the client side, I often found it important to educate, delicately, that while my team was very good at Read More

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new era at Praxi. New brand, new website, new logo, new blog! But it’s not just our look that’s changed; we’ve embraced a new identity that we’re really proud of. Here’s a deeper look into some of our changes. We have a shiny new website Read More