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An international media company joined a well-known children’s CPG company in a fully-integrated alliance whereby the CPG brand is an exclusive sponsor of the media company’s website. As a means of assessing the overall value and success of this partnership, Praxi assisted the media company with an initial wave of primary research in 2012 and Read More

A major publication company wanted to look into ways of increasing revenue for one of their well-known publications based on the development and introduction of various “subscriber perks.” An online quantitative study was conducted among subscribers and non-subscribers to the publication. A MaxDiff analysis was used to create a hierarchy of potential offerings to increase Read More

A major CPG client wanted to understand purchase patterns among key demographics for a cleaning product in a major Home and Hardware retailer. In order to address the research objectives, an online quantitative survey was conducted among the following shopper segments who shop at the Home and Hardware retailer: Gen Pop, Do It Yourself population, Read More

A major media company wanted to test concepts which extend it’s user base and increase current loyalty with new programs as incentives to sign up for a subscription. We conducted a quantitative study using an advanced statistical test called Maximum Difference (MaxDiff) to test and understand respondent affinity to a very large number of concepts. Read More

A business services software company wanted to track brand awareness and perceptions for themselves and competitors over the course of a year. As a lesser known brand, they were wanting to benchmark and track movement in awareness perceptions in relation to new marketing efforts introduced continuously as the year progressed. We employed a quantitative tracking Read More