Moderator Training

Companies are managing more of their qualitative projects in-house. This saves resources, adds experiential value, and develops new skill sets. Without proper training, however, in-house moderators can dilute the value of the projects due to a lack of familiarity and knowledge around the most effective tools and processes for managing qualitative interactions. Unlike traditional training, the Praxi approach provides several unique benefits:
  • A single-day (rather than week-long) intensive session held at your location, avoiding added costs and out-of-office time;
  • Custom curriculum, informed by Mike’s experiences attending traditional programs, but driven by his own experiences as a facilitator for the past 20 years;
  • All sessions personally facilitated by Mike as opposed to a junior staff member; and
  • The ability to custom tailor the session to the needs of your associates, with greater / lesser emphasis placed on specific areas of study.
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